Dixie Fix

Choreo: Niels Poulsen
Music: "About the south" by Rodney Atkins

Never Gonna Grow Up!

Choreo: Gary O'Reilly
Music: "I Ain’t Gotta Grow Up" by Logan Mize

The Waiting Game

Choreo: Joey Warren Fred Whitehouse
Music: "Waiting Game" by Parson James

Peppermint Twist

Choreo: Jo Thompson Szymanski & Roy Verdonk
Music: "Peppermint Twist" by Sha Na Na

My Wish For You

Choreo: Ria Vos
Music: "I Wish" by Heather Headley

Just Fly

Choreo: Roy Hadisubroto & Fiona Murray & Jo Thompson Szymanski
Music: "Just Fly" by Max Barskih


Choreo: Maggie Gallagher  & Gary O'Reilly
Music: "Starlight" by Westlife

Here We Go

Choreo: Gary O‘Reilly & Maggie Gallagher
Music: "Here I Go (ft Jason Dering)" by Wildflower

Chicago Gold

Choreo: Fred Whitehouse & Daniel Trepat & Simon Ward
Music: "Gold Digger" by Beau Monga

Love Not War

Choreo: Thomas Malle
Music: "Love Not War (The Tampa Beat)" by Jason Derulo & Nuka

Give Me Shivers

Choreo: Julia Wetzel
Music: "Shivers" by Ed Sheeran

Dream On

Choreo: Rob Fowler
Music: "Reach Out And Touch" by Diana Ross

Bad Habits

Choreo: Maggie Gallagher & Gary O’Reilly
Music: "Bad Habits" by Ed Sheeran

Raised Like That

Choreo: Darren Bailey
Music: "Raised Like That" by James Johnston

Mates of Soul

Choreo: Gary O’Reilly & Guillaume Richard & Niels Poulsen
Music: "The Mates Of Soul" by Taylor John Williams (Remastered)

Cold Heart

Choreo: Maddison Glover
Music: "Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)" by Elton John & Dua Lipa

Still The One I Love

Choreo: José Miguel Belloque Vane
Music: "You're Still the One" by Teddy Swims

Looking Up

Choreo: Maggie Gallagher
Music: "Looking Up" by Jesse Labelle

Missouri Swings

Choreo: Michele Perron
Music: "Kansas City" by Brenda Lee


Choreo: Rob Fowler
Music: "Corn" by Blake Shelton

Blood on a Rose

Choreo: Simon Ward & Niels Poulsen
Music: "Blood on a Rose" by Everybody loves an outlaw

Train Wreck

Choreo: Niels Poulsen
Music: "Can’t Let Go" by Jill King

And I Say

Choreo: Gary O'Reilly
Music: "What's Up?" by Hannah Grace & Sonny

Summer Shake

Choreo: Ivonne Verhagen, Giuseppe Scaccianoce, Jp Barrois & José Miguel Belloque Vane
Music: "Shake It" by Casanovas

Cyber Drop

Choreo: Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever
Music: "Drop It to the Floor (feat. Nuz Ngatai)" by Fletcher Kirkman

Shape It Up

Choreo: Daniel Trepat, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane & Roy Verdonk
Music: "You’re The One That I Want" by Dylan Rockoff & Caroline Kole

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Sweet Attraction

Choreo: Kate Sala, Shelly Guichard & Dee Musk
Music: "What Gave Me Away (feat. Garth Brooks)" by Trisha Yearwood

Blue Jean Baby

Choreo: Julie Lockton & Sebastiaan Holtland
Music: "Dancin' On a Saturday Night" by Barry Blue

Would Have Loved Her

Choreo: Darren Bailey
Music: "Would Have Loved Her" by Chris Bandi

Pardon Me!

Choreo: Pat Stott
Music: "(Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I" by Raul Malo

Dance Before You Leave Me

Choreo: Maggie Gallagher
Music: "Leave Before You Love Me" by Marshmello & Jonas Brothers

Same Boat

Choreo: Rachael McEnaney-White
Music: "Same Boat" by Zac Brown Band

Absolutely Not

Choreo: Ria Vos
Music: "Absolutely Not" by Deborah Cox

She Cares

Choreo: Niels Poulsen
Music: "She Cares" by Patrick Dorgan

Country in 3

Choreo: Michele Burton & Maddison Glover & Jo Thompson Szymanski
Music: "Country In Me" by Lauren Alaina

Drink Drank Drunk

Choreo: Rachael McEnaney-White
Music: "Drink Drank Drunk" by Adam Sanders

Moses Roses Toeses

Choreo: Amy Glass
Music: "Soul" by Lee Brice

One Too Many

Choreo: Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris
Music: "One Too Many" by Keith Urban & Pink

My Bestie

Choreo: Colin Ghys & Jose Miguel Belloque Vane
Music: "Iko Iko (feat. Small Jam)" by Justin Wellington