Your Medicine!

Choreo: Niels Poulsen
Music: "Medicine" by Jennifer Lopez & Montana

Cooler Than Cool

Choreo: Niels Poulsen
Music: "Daddy Cool" by Boney M.

Poetry In Motion

Choreo: Masters In Line (2004)
Music: "The Poet" by Liberty X


Choreo: Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie
Music: "Such A Night" by Michael Bublè

I Can Do Hard Things

Choreo: Rachael McEnaney-White
Music: "I Can Do Hard Things" by Jennifer Nettles

Half Past Tipsy

Choreo: Maddison Glover & Rachael McEnaney-White
Music: "1, 2 Many" by Luke Combs & Brooks & Dunn


Choreo: Gary O'Reilly
Music: "Adalaida" by Derek Ryan

Chicago Gold

Choreo: Fred Whitehouse & Daniel Trepat & Simon Ward
Music: "Gold Digger" by Beau Monga

Wiggle Freeze

Choreo: Roy Verdonk, Raymond Sarlemijn, Pim van Grootel, Daniel Trepat, Guillaume Richard, José Miguel Belloque Vane, & Kelli Haugen
Music: "The Wiggle Song" by New Wine

Great Spirit

Choreo: Sobrielo Philip Gene & Jo + John Kinser & Jonas Dahlgren & Johanna Lodin
Music: "Great Spirit" by Armin van Buuren and Vini Vici

The Koi Boys

Choreo: Ivonne Verhagen & Kate Sala & Daniel Trepat & Jonas Dahlgren & Guiseppe Scaccianoce
Music: "Shake It" by The Koi Boys

Hey Now!

Choreo: Gary O'Reilly
Music: "Hey Now" by Ira Losco

Rescue Party

Choreo: Shane McKeever
Music: "Rescue Me" by D-Sol feat. Alex Newell

Way To Break My Heart

Choreo: Jennifer Stevenson & Jonas Dahlgren
Music: "Way to Break My Heart" by Ed Sheeran & Skrillex

High Five

Choreo: Misuk La
Music: "High Five" by Michael English


Choreo: Simon Ward & Shane McKeever
Music: "Moves" by Hot Shade, Mike Perry & Zibanejad

Bonaparte's Retreat

Choreo: Maddison Glover
Music: "Bonaparte's Retreat" by Glen Campbell


Choreo: Simon Ward
Music: "I Don't Know You Anymore" by Savage Garden

My Mary

Choreo: Kate Sala & Karl-Harry Winson
Music: "Mary" by Fairground Saints

Rolling With Love

Choreo: Heather Barton & Simon Ward
Music: "Hopelessly Devoted To You" by Delta Goodrem

Soul Shake

Choreo: Fred Whitehouse
Music: "Soul Shake" by Tommy Castro

All I Need To Know

Choreo: Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly
Music: "Don't Know Much" by Linda Ronstadt (with Aaron Neville)

Senorita La-La-La

Choreo: Julia Wetzel
Music: "Senorita" by Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello

Baby Madda

Choreo: Shane McKeever
Music: "I Don't Care" by Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber

Shot Of Tequila

Choreo: Fred Whitehouse
Music: "Drunk" by Jeanette Akua

Something You Love

Choreo: Maggie Gallagher
Music: "Something You Love" by Kiefer Sutherland

Water On The Flames

Choreo: Maggie Gallagher
Music: "Walk Away" by Alle Farben & James Blunt

Remember You Young

Choreo: Amund Storsveen & Jo Thompson Szymanski
Music: "Remember You Young" by Thomas Rhett

Mr Policeman

Choreo: Ria Vos
Music: "Mr. Policeman" by Brad Paisley

Mony Mony

Choreo: Maggie Gallagher
Music: "Mony Mony" by The Dean Brothers

Get Wild

Choreo: Maddison Glover & Jo Thompson Szymanski
Music: "Wild" by LOLO

I Think I Found Love

Choreo: Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris
Music: "I Think I Found Love" by Cody Simpson

Counting Stars

Choreo: Simon Ward
Music: "Counting Stars" by OneRepublic


Choreo: Robbie McGowan-Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson
Music: "Feeling Good" by Ofenbach (feat. Alexandre Joseph)

L.I.L.Y. (Like I Love You)

Choreo: Darren Bailey
Music: "Like I Love You" by Lost Frequencies feat. NGHBRS

River Of Dreams

Choreo: Charlotte Skeeters
Music: "The River Of Dreams" by Billy Joel

Before I Go

Choreo: Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris
Music: "Before I Go" by Guy Sebastian

Reason We're Livin

Choreo: Jamie Barnfield
Music: "Women" by Florida Georgia Line feat. Jason Derulo

Everything I Have

Choreo: Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher
Music: "Better Man" by Westlife

Never Growing Up

Choreo: Maddison Glover & Simon Ward & Vivienne Scott
Music: "Never Growing Up" by Mathieu Koss & Aloe Blacc

Simply The Best

Choreo: Maddison Glover & Rachael McEnaney-White
Music: "The Best (Edit)" by Tina Turner

Lonely Blues

Choreo: Rachael McEnaney-White
Music: "Mr. Lonely" by Midland

She Ain't Me

Choreo: Maggie Gallagher
Music: "She Ain't Me" by Sophia Scott


Choreo: Gary O'Reilly
Music: "Habibi" by Dolly Style

Nothing But You

Choreo: Darren Bailey
Music: "Nothing But You" by Leaving Austin

Yes M'am, No M'am

Choreo: Ria Vos
Music: "If I Ever Get You Back" by Morgan Wallen

Dip To The Bass

Choreo: Rachael McEnaney-White & Christopher Gonzalez
Music: "Moves" by Snoop Dog & Olly Murs


Choreo: Raymond Sarlemijn & Regina Chen
Music: "Senorita" by Pietro Lombardi & Kay One


Choreo: Julia Wetzel
Music: "Sucker" by Jonas Brothers

Angel & Corona

Choreo: Darren Bailey, Kate Sala, Guylaine Bourdages, Roy Verdonk
Music: "Look What God Gave Her" by Thomas Rhett

Home To You

Choreo: Maggie Gallagher
Music: "Home To You" by Michael Ball

Electric Church

Choreo: Johanna Barnes & Rachael McEnaney-White
Music: "Electric Church" by Mike Taylor


Choreo: Pat Stott
Music: "Codigo" by George Strait

Honky Tonk Mood

Choreo: Rob Fowler & Maddison Glover
Music: "Honky Tonk Mood" by Cody Johnson

All I Am Is You

Choreo: Julia Wetzel
Music: "All I Am Is You" by Jess Glynne

Proud Mary Burnin'

Choreo: Philip Gene Sobrielo
Music: "Proud Mary" by Glee Cast

Secrets We Keep

Choreo: Shane McKeever, Guillaume Richard & Niels Poulsen
Music: "The Secrets That We Keep" by Sara Evans

Deeply Completely

Choreo: Rob Fowler
Music: "Completely" by Collin Raye

Whisper In My Ear

Choreo: Gary O'Reilly
Music: "Tell Me That You Love Me" by James Smith

Thank You Very Much

Choreo: Philip Gene Sobrielo
Music: "Stop" by The Spice Girls

You Are The Reason

Choreo: Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris
Music: "You Are The Reason" by Calum Scott

I've Been Waiting For You

Choreo: Alison Johnstone & Joshua Talbot
Music: "I've Been Waiting For You" by Amanda Seyfried ft. Cast of "Mamma Mia!"


Choreo: Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly
Music: "Hourglass" by Alice Chater

Lots Of Love

Choreo: Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher
Music: "Then It's Love" by Michael English